Introducing The Rider Team Card!

Your season ticket and loyalty program all on one easy to use card

The new Rider Team Card replaces paper tickets and combines the exciting Rider Loyalty Program into one easy to use card. Rider Team Cards are a convenient and user-friendly alternative to traditional tickets and are a common system used in professional sports today.

Your Rider Team Card is your ticket for the entire 2015 season. Please keep it safe because you will use it for each game. This guide outlines the enhanced, easy-to-use online tools we have created to assist you in managing your tickets and new Loyalty Program, launched this season. Your Rider Team Card is automatically set up for the Loyalty Program, so you can start earning points right away!

Rider Team Card FAQs

How do I use this as my season tickets?

Use your Rider Team Card just like you would a normal ticket. Present your card to the ticket taker at your gate when you arrive at Mosaic Stadium and they will scan the barcode.

Can my tickets be printed on regular ticket paper?

Yes! This service is available at The Rider Ticket Office. Your first reprint is free. After the first reprint there is an administrative charge of $5.00 per ticket. For information call 1-888-474-3377 option 3 or email

Can I still share my tickets with friends or family?

For sure! There are a few great options for sharing your tickets:

  • Option 1: Print a paper ticket at home or at work using your Rider Account
  • Option 2:  Forward your tickets electronically using your Rider Account, (instructions are on page 12 of this playbook)
  • Option 3: Call The Rider Ticket Office and have your ticket reprinted and available for pick up, fees do apply.

Forwarding your ticket has some excellent benefits. It gives full ownership and control of that ticket to the recipient. If they lose or damage the ticket, they will have the ability to re-print it themselves or to reach out to The Rider Ticket Office for assistance.  No need to have your authorization.  And it keeps your Rider Team Card safely in your hands.

Is there a cost to forward or print a ticket?

No, it’s free! Rider Team Card owners can forward and reprint their game tickets at home, free of charge using Rider Account Manager. See page 12 of this playbook for instructions.

What happens if I lose my card or it’s stolen?

If your Rider Team Card is lost or stolen, please contact The Rider Ticket Office immediately. Your card will be deactivated and will no longer permit entry to Mosaic Stadium. A replacement card will be issued for you to use during the remainder of the season. There will be a replacement fee applied unless a police report number can be provided. To get a replacement card call 1-888-474-3377 option 3 or email

I use my season tickets for business, clients, and employee incentives, or I split my tickets amongst friends or partners. Now how will I give them my tickets?

No problem! Just log in to your Rider Account and select “Ticket Forwarding.” This is a secure way to deliver your tickets by emailing them to your friends, clients or employees.  See page 11 of this playbook for instructions.

What if I have a ticket for a Premium Seating area?

Our Premium Seating areas include the MNP Club (West Club Seating), AGT Club (East Club Seating), Suites, and the Harvard Broadcasting Green and White Lounge.  Nothing changes from past seasons if you have seats in any of these areas. You will continue to receive passes for these areas. The account holder in the MNP Club, AGT Club and the Suites will receive a Rider Team Card for the loyalty program only, and receive benefits as normal.

Can I forward tickets for more than one game at a time?

You can forward, print, or transfer tickets for as many games at a time as you’d like.  Simply scroll through the monthly calendar view to select the game(s) and seat(s), or click “Advanced Options” at the top of the calendar for quick access.

Can I enter Mosaic Stadium by showing my tickets on my phone?

You sure can. Last season we introduced mobile ticketing. You can access My Rider Account via the browser on your smartphone to view your tickets. The ticket taker at your gate will scan the barcode on the screen.  Mobile ticketing also allows you to transfer your tickets to family, friends and/or clients. Passbook integration is available if you are using an iPhone.

How do I use my Rider Team Card as my Loyalty Program card?*

Present your card at any of The Rider Store locations to start earning Rider Points for great rewards and prizes. You will earn points for every dollar you spend. Show your card at participating businesses to receive special offers and discounts available only to Rider Team Card owners.

* Full breakdown of special offers and points opportunities available at

How do I earn Rider loyalty points?*

Here are a few of the ways to earn Rider Points as part of the Loyalty Program:

  • Scan your card to enter home games. And, if get bonus points for getting there early!
  • Renewing your 2016 Rider Team Card (season tickets) before October 31, 2015.
* Full breakdown of special offers and points opportunities available at

What kind of rewards can I get with my Rider Points?±

Here is a sneak peek at some of the upcoming rewards we have planned for this year:

  • VIP catered events with players
  • Seats in AGT Club
  • Trip to Montreal to watch the Riders Play the Alouettes
  • Signed memorabilia
  • Game day sideline access and tours
  • “Game Day Ready” locker room tour
  • Front of the line access to Play it Safe day
± Rewards are subject to change. Check the online portal every week for updated rewards.

Questions about your Rider Team Card?